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    • Deep cleaning 'rhassoul' mud
    • Infused with antibacterial oils and minerals
    • Great for sensitive skin
    • Vegan, all-natural

    You want to have a nice and clean face that feels as good as it looks. We all do. However, we know that we can't just keep trying to rely on those chemical laden products from the grocery store. You deserve something better, and you'll find it in Portland General Store Face Bomb Deep Cleaning Mud. This mud is easily one of the best facial scrubs you will ever use, and it works well for everyone, even those who have sensitive skin. It features a type of natural clay ' rhassoul mud ' that is full of minerals and has antibacterial properties. It includes sandalwood essential oil, hydrosol of wild geranium, and Damascus rose, and even finely ground walnut shells. Walnut shells? That's right; they work wonders when you need to exfoliate.

    You will love the way it makes your face feel, and you can get a truly deep clean. Keep in mind that this is a natural product, and all vegan. However, it does include a small bit of preservative material as a means to lengthen the shelf life. It's a good idea to use this within six months of opening.

    Size: 180 ml amber PET jar with screw cap

    Made in the USA.

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