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    • A dual action hair & body wash from Pre de Provence
    • Scented with No. 63: base notes of leather, tobacco, tops notes of citrus, and middle notes of cedarwood, juicy plum, and violet leaves.
    • Made in France


    Your mother always told you to think about others. Well, this shower gel does just that as it blesses those you meet with an incredible treat - Pre de Provence No. 63. A scent to make all other pale in comparison.

    The Pre de Provence No. 63 Men's Shower Gel is formulated to act as both hair and body wash. This is perfect for gents who seek products that take great care of their locks and skin but don't want the added labor of having to use separate grooming products. This dual-action bath gel is a mix of glycerin, shea oil, and aloe vera. Glycerin moisturizes dry, rough, or scaly skin to keep it supple and healthy-looking after every bath. Shea oil works by penetrating deep into the skin's layers and by improving its elasticity. Lastly, aloe vera, which dates back centuries, is an organic and gentle ingredient with a proven track record for its anti-aging properties that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

    As an added treat, Pre de Provence No. 63 Men's Shower Gel is infused with a masculine scent that uses leather and tobacco as base notes, and essence of citrus as top notes. And to provide a more pleasant aroma, cedarwood, juicy plum, and violet leaves were used as the middle notes.

    Use with the full-line of No. 63 scented grooming essentials, and you'll have her undying gratitude.

    Size: 240 ml

    Made in France

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