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Pre de Provence Shave Cream

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Shea butter, aloe vera, and alpha bisabolol are all combined in Pre de Provence Shave Cream to great effect. If you're tired of having your face look raw and rugged after you get done using your razor, this product can really make a difference. What it does is provide a great deal of lubrication, which puts some insulation between you and the blade itself. This is a brush-less cream, so you can squeeze some right onto your skin and spread it using your fingers. This is also a very hydrating option, and that translates not only to making your whiskers fatter and easier to cut, but also to protecting your face from drying out after you are done.

Grooming should be a joy, but that's not always the case. If you're younger, you may have trouble with breaking out in acne after you shave, and there are products that can help you with those types of problems. If you're older, you may be prone to drying out excessively after you trim down your beard, and some aftershave treatments are excellent for those problems. No matter what kind of issues you have however, this particular product can go a long way toward making everything more comfortable, preventing trauma to your skin and making taking care of yourself a joy again.

Size: 2.5 oz/75 ml

Made in France.

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An excellent shave cream

It’s a natural and heavy shave cream. I always lather with it on a base of a shave soap. I consider Pre de Provence soaps among the best.

Chris Z.
  • Value for Money


Prefer a lathering shave cream. Decent shave and no razor burn but will not return to this product

Kerry W.
  • Value for Money


I've used the Pre de Provence after shave balm for several years now and love it, but had not tried their shaving cream. I picked up a tube of this and the No. 63. The box claims it is a rich, lathering cream, but unfortunately it is neither of those. There is no lather at all even after a minute of working it in the scuttle. While the scent of both the regular and No. 63 are very nice, it took at least a quarter-sized dollop with my badger brush and scuttle to generate anything usable that would stay on the brush and transfer to my face. A little more water in an effort to generate lather and it became a runny mess. Once I found the right consistency it seemed more like a soap, or perhaps a brushless cream that will coat the brush and face with a semi-thick film. Ironically it seems to shave OK once you have that proper film, but I did not find it to be nearly as pleasant, slick, or protective as the mid-higher end creams. Also, I found if any cream remained on my face after each pass, if I did not clear it right away and it dried a little, it became like thick white lithium grease in consistency which would smear, but not come off unless I washed it off my face with soap. As I said before I absolutely love their after shave balms, but their creams leave much to be desired. I don't know if they had some bad runs, or if it's just a bad formula, but it is the complete opposite of their description on the box. Sadly, I will not purchase these again, and I cannot recommend them.

Fletcher J.
  • Value for Money

Pre de Province shaving cream

I'm a full time Barber and a lover of shaving creams and aftershaves. I am a lover of Shea butter and have to say that the aftershave cream has a the most heavenly scent I have ever known. The shaving cream is different smelling but on par and compatible and equally good. The cream will not lather but when applied to a wet face will be slick and comfortable as a foam. Using this will be good for someone prone for dryness because it leaves your face smooth and hydrated. Glad to review because I look forward to my Pre de Province shave treatment in my rotation. Wonderful stuff!

West Coast Shaving Pre de Provence Shave Cream Review
Joe R.

Great Produce

Let me get the disclaimer out of the way. I've been a DE shaver for about 2 months now. My other AS comparisons are Nivea Sensitive Balm and Pinaud. Although this costs as much as both combined I think it's well worth the money. My razor burn is going away as my technique improves and it handled the burn OK. Cant dexcribe the smell, but I like it. It does go away after a while so you can use your cologne afterwards. What I like about it is how your skin feels after you use it. It's really nice and dare I say soft? I workout in the evenings so I shower and shave at night. I can tell by how my skin feels the next morning whether or not i used the other AS. There is nothing wrong with the other 2 products. I just like how this works better. Doesn't take much product so it should last awhile Next order will be for their new PdP 63.