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15% Off TOBS. Use Code TOBS15

Prep Aftershave Balm, bottle

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  • An aftershave balm to sooth razor burn, irritations, and redness
  • With seven special emollients and essential oils
  • Great for moisturizing and soothing any dry skin

Although first developed in the USA, Prep products have undergone constant innovation for 150 years to bring you the wonderful, soothing, moisturizing grooming essentials that they are today. From insect bites, to sunburn, to dry skin, to after shave care, Prep balm can do it all. This Prep Aftershave Balm will truly heal your sensitive skin.

The shaving balm:

  • acts as a post shave moisturizer
  • replaces lost oils
  • protects and conditions the skin
  • is great for those with sensitivities

The alcohol-free formula means that you can forego the sting and still get smooth, supple skin. This balm will reduce redness and irritation, relieve nicks and cuts, and sooth razor burn. Apply after a shave and feel regenerated! This grooming requisite is fragrance-free so you can still use your favorite eau de toilette or cologne to finish your morning routine.

Prep shaving products are really designed for the whole family and meet a myriad of needs. Spread on as an all-over moisturizer or find relief from overexposure to the wind and sun. Use on diaper rash or chafing. Wherever you use it, the seven special emollients and essentials oils will help to rehydrate, relieve, refresh, and rejuvenate.

Size: 120ml

Made in Italy