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    • A multipurpose skincare aid with seven emollients and essential oils
    • From stings to sunburn to shaving to sports, this cream does it all
    • Great for the whole family!


    When this cream was first introduced in the 1860s, it was probably hawked on street corners as a "Doc Allen's Miracle Cure." Because this one cream does it all! If you have a skincare need, Prep Cream can probably help.

    Formulated with seven special emollients and essential oils, this hygienic lotion is soothing, cooling, & moisturizing. Use it on the whole family for a myriad of needs.

    • As a shaving essential, Prep can lubricant and cool the skin for a clean pass of the blade. Use it alone or combine it with another lather of your choice to sooth razor burn, rashes, and tender spots and prevent nick, cut, and scratches.
    • It is also a shaving aid for women. It is ideal for underarms, bikini line, inner thigh and legs. (The hygienic nature also make it a great pre-surgery shaving aid.)
    • This essential soothes and cools overexposed skin. Whether sunburned or windburned, your epidermis will revel in the soothing qualities of this balm.
    • If you love active sports, but hate the chafing that can come with them, then you need Prep. Running, walking, hiking, cycling, skiing, or more, just rub this onto the areas before, during, or after activity.
    • Maybe you just suffer from chronically dry, cracked hands, or calloused elbows, heels, and knees. Look no further than this lotion to soften and moisturize.
    • For insect bites and stings, clean the area and then apply prep cream three times a day.
    • Use this wonder ointment for diaper rash. Clean and dry the reddened area and apply after each change. But don't apply to broken skin.
    • This is also a fantastic massage agent. Use to soothe tired, achy feet, or assist circulation in bedridden patients.

    If you aren't already sold, this skincare product comes in a generous 250ml jar so you always have it at your fingertips. A great value for a great "wonder cure."

    Size: 250ml

    Made in Italy