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    • A multipurpose, moisturizing cream for the whole family
    • Filled with seven special emollients and essential oils
    • Great for all your skincare needs: sunburn, sports, shaving, and more.

    If "proper preparation prevents poor performance", then this cream has you covered. It's even in the name: Prep Cream. This multipurpose cream works wonders for all your myriad skincare needs.


    Use before shaving facial hair to soften bristles and skin. Provides a lubricating glide alone or combined with your favorite lather. Soothe nicks, scratches, razor burn, and irritation. Excellent for those with sensitive skin and heavy growth. And it isn't just great for those with facial hair. This wonder lotion is also prefect for underarms, bikini lines, and legs. This cream is also hygienic so it is useful for pre-surgery shaving as well.


    If you love to be active, but hate the chafing that can come along with it, then you will love this. Use before, during, or after your activity to sooth and moisturize. Running, walking, cycling, skiing, and more can be irritation-free.


    This lotion can bring relief to bites and stings from insects and other pests. After cleaning the affected area, apply Prep three times a day.


    This balm can also soothe and cool overheated, reddened skin. It will take the sting out of overexposure. Whether sunburned or windburned, smooth on liberally and feel the cool.


    And that isn't all, this miracle cure works wonders on diaper rash; it softens dry, chapped, and calloused skin; it refreshes tired, achy feet; and it can be used as a massage agent to improve circulation in bedridden patients.

    This one tube can do it all! Get this skincare wonder!

    Size: 125ml

    Made in Italy

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