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    • Traditional, best selling shaving cream
    • Loaded with aloe & vitamin E for exceptional skin health
    • Produces a rich, thick lather


    Since 1908, Proraso has been helping to groom Italy. . . and the rest of the world. They have continued to innovate and evolve. Proraso released this new "Blue" shaving cream in 2012 and it's quickly reached the status of the rest of the lines (red, green, and white).

    Loaded with aloe and vitamin E, this cream is great for those with sensitive skin. The extremely thick & creamy grooming requisite has the superb Proraso performance we all expect. It creates a luxurious lather which protects and gives glide to your razor. The scent is fresh and clean, with a barbershop tilt to it, yet different than the green and red versions.

    Size: 150ml

    Made in Italy.

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