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    • Hot Oil treatment to revitalize beards
    • Reduces breakage and restores health to dry, coarse beards
    • 100% vegan


    If you love the long, natural growth beard look but not the scraggliness that comes with it, then revitalize your facial hair with the Proraso Hot Oil Beard Treament. Great for nourishing damaged beards, this grooming essential will have you looking dapper and macho without having to go to the salon or the barbershop.

    Even the wiriest, most unruly beard can be nourished and repaired to reduce breakage. Aside from keeping your mutton chops in great condition, the formulation also leaves behind a subtle yet pleasant cedar wood & Mediterranean citrus scent. Once you use the Proraso Hot Oil Beard Treatment, ladies will surely be swooning because of your manliness.

    To give yourself a luxurious hot oil treatment using this product, simply submerge one of the vials in warm tap water for about a minute. (Take note: do not boil or heat in the microwave). When it's ready, moisten your facial hairs and then gently massage the formulation on it; work your way from the tips and all the way down to the roots. If you so desire, you can wrap your facial hair in a hot towel for 2-10 minutes before rinsing.

    Love your beard and give it the special care it needs.

    Size: 0.6 oz. (4 bottles)

    Made in Italy