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    Jason W.
    • Value for Money

    Nice kit

    Cheaper than buying individually, bonus tin!

    Fernando C.
    • Value for Money

    Great package

    I used to shave with a 3 blade razor and I had to quit that because of the irritation and shave bumps I used to get with that method. I also have sensitive skin and irritates very easily. I recently started shaving with a double edge razor, and this Proraso package is the first set of products I am using on this shaving method and I have nothing but good things to say about it. 100% recommendable.

    Nathan B.
    • Value for Money

    A Love/Hate Relationship

    What to say about this... First of all, top notch value for the dollar. Three products with killer performance for around 30 bucks is a no brainer to me. The pre/post cream truly does make a difference in protection...razor glides much smoother when this is applied before the cream. The cream itself does not become super high-volume, but it does become quite thick and rich...which does the job perfectly. The aftershave is my favorite product out of this set. It soothes very well while not leaving the skin too greasy. Just an all-around great performing aftershave. Now on to the scent...I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it. There are some mornings where I really feel up to it and others where the last thing I want to do is smell this scent. It's...different. Being Proraso, it's not a representation of today's super luxurious, "perfume-like" scents that the artisan soaps and creams have today. This is, well, a Proraso scent. Nonetheless, this is a high-quality product and something every wet-shaver should try eventually.

    Matthew C.
    • Value for Money


    There is a reason Proraso has been around for 109 years. Simply stated, this stuff is amazing. The pre-shave conditioner is not greasy or oil. Just the perfect consistency to know it's there. The shave cream is quick to lather and the blade glides across your skin. The post shave balm is cooling and comforting without being too heavy or drying your skin. I am trying to rotate through my inventory, but keep reaching for the Proraso. Shipping was fast. However, when my package arrived something had pierced the shipping box and dented the collectable tin beyond use. The only other item that I questioned is the lack of a tamper resistant seal on each item. All-in-all an excellent product to have at a fair cost.

    C B.
    • Value for Money

    Great Set

    Great skin soothing set. Awesome, light scent that is not overpowering and lasts for a while. Aftershave works well with other soaps as well and does not feel greasy at all. Better than buying each separately.