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    • All-natural, soothing aftershave
    • Loaded with witch hazel, and alcohol-free
    • Scented with adventure -- the arctic expeditions of Peary & Henson


    When you finish shaving, what's the first thing that you do? Unfortunately, many men simply head out of the bathroom, feeling they are ready to face the day. They are missing something very important, a ritual of shaving that serves a very important purpose. They are forgetting the aftershave. Of course, one of the reasons that many men forego the aftershave is because of bad experiences. They've used other products in the past that hurt their skin or dried it out. So now, they avoid it. It's time to change that practice though, and Prospector Co. Peary & Henson Aftershave Splash can help.

    Good for You with a Scent You'll Love.

    The first thing you will notice about this product is the smell. It has a wonderful, fresh smell that will invigorate you. Peary & Henson were a famous duo of arctic explorers. You will notice an aquatic note that will remind you of ships on the wing. And the icy blue color is a reminder of the first expedition to reach the north pole.

    While the scent is important and certainly one of the reasons to use the product, it also happens to be good for you. The scents, combined with the essential oils, can make your face feel nice and supple without ever damaging it. There's no alcohol in the product, so it won't dry you out or damage you.

    Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Aloe, Cedar Water, Bay, Coriander and other pure essential oils.

    Size: 4 oz

    Made in the USA.

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