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    • Oil-based hair dressing
    • Medium hold and shine
    • Contains hemp oil for conditioning and moisturizing
    • Fresh, woody scent


    Hair product, styling gel, pomade, "grease", brilliantine. Whatever you call it, these products have come long way in 100 hundred years (luckily, most of them don't contain bear grease anymore). And many offerings are now water-based to rinse cleanly out of your hair, but when you just want that traditional hold of an oil-based pomade, look no further than Prospectors Crude Oil Pomade.

    Like hitting black gold, you'll be on easy street with this offering - flexibility in styling, nice sheen, hemp oil for conditioning.

    • oil-based
    • medium hold
    • nice shine
    • creamy texture makes application easy and pain-free
    • contains hemp oil to condition and moisturize hair and scalp

    The fresh woody scent has just a hint of citrus. It is packaged in a sharp looking gold tin with Prospectors iconic bearded gentleman, chevrons, and embellishments. Texas tea, Alaska resource, Jed Clampett's find, or OPEC's concern - you probably don't want to rub that in your hair. But with Prospectors Crude Oil Pomade, you will get the look you want - hilly billy or business tycoon.

    Size: 4.5oz

    Made in the USA