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    • All-natural, medium hold hair pomade with hemp oil
    • Water-soluble to wash out easily; natural shine
    • Packaged in a gold tin with prospecting accents

    As you might imagine from the name, Prospectors began the quest. A quest for a hair pomade gold - a water-soluble hair styling aid that wouldn't flake or dry out. They struck pay dirt with their benchmark ingredient - hemp oil. Their discovery led to Gold Rush Pomade.

    This "ring gel" is a water-soluble pomade blended masterfully with hemp oil. It provides a medium, all-day hold. A little goes a long way to create your pomp. Scoop out a finger tip worth, warm between your hands, and apply to create your desired style. You can even touch-up throughout the day with a comb or your fingers. It offers a low shine, especially after re-styling.

    The "old-tyme" barbershop scent is perfect for this gold rush themed product. Imagine a 1870s barbershop: leathery, spicy, powdery, citrusy, clean, and sharp. Speaking of sharp, the packaging is awesome. A classic, vintage tin in gold just says wild west. You can imagine this grooming essential tucked in the rucksack of a wide-eyed '49er. And they even carry the theme through to the interior detail as a pickax and shovel can be seen through the translucent gel.

    Eureka! You've found a great water-soluble, strong hold pomade that won't dry out your hair.

    Size: 4.5oz

    Made in the USA

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