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    • Medium hold mustache wax
    • 100% natural wax made with beeswax & lanolin
    • Comes in a handy tube, perfect to keep in your pocket

    Raedical: their brand name says it all. This company embraces radical sports, music, crafts, and ideas with the goal to join the never-ending cycle of progress, improvement, pursuit of perfection, and satisfaction. And those values are just what you need when growing a beard or mustache, so they have created a range of 100% natural products to help you pursue your facial hair goals. Try out Raedical Camber Mustache Max.

    Part of their XXXX (Four Crosses) range of waxes, this option is perfect for a special occasion or weekend when you need a little more hold than usual. It is 100% natural - made from the finest quality beeswax and lanolin. The convenient, recyclable tube is the perfect size to slip in your pocket where your body heat can keep it warm and ready to use. A handmade walnut wooden case finishes off the extremely radical presentation.

    Camber was inspired by racing ski technology so you can be assured that it can handle anything you throw at it. It gives you the stiffness and precision to keep your handlebar in tip-top shape even in extreme environments. Just ask Filip Flisar, Slovenian freestyle skier competing in ski cross discipline, who helped inspire this line of waxes. Check out his test video below.

    Size: 4.25g

    Made in Slovenia


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