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    • Artisan beard oil
    • 100% natural ingredients: jojoba, argan, almond, hazelnut, castor, hemp seed oils
    • Scented with a woodsy, eucalyptus aroma


    Raedical: their brand name says it all. This company embraces radical sports, music, crafts, and ideas with the goal to join the never-ending cycle of progress, improvement, pursuit of perfection, and satisfaction. And those values are just what you need when growing a beard or mustache, so they have created a range of 100% natural products to help you pursue your facial hair goals. Try out Raedical Craft Beard Oil.

    This beard oil is loaded with natural oils: jojoba, argan, sweet almond, hazelnut, castor, and hemp seed. And if you aren't sure you have the dedication and patience to tackle beard growing, then a beard oil like this can help. It will smooth and soothe your strands and moisturize the skin beneath to cut back on itching and beardruff. Each product is handmade in small batches to ensure the quality. And all ingredients are synthetic free and vegan friendly.

    The fragrance has been created for those who create, those who work with their hands, those who. . . well, craft! If you love to get your hands dirty (but want to look good doing it), then this beard oil is for you. It has a fresh woodsy hint of cedarwood and eucalyptus to keep you focused and creative. The amber bottle comes in a handmade wooden case.

    Size: 30ml/1 fl.oz.

    Made in Slovenia

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