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    • Traditional double edge safety razor
    • Designed specifically for those with sensitive skin
    • CNC machined, aluminum, black anodized finish

    The hunt for alum sticks for his father-in-law, who claimed he couldn't live without his Italian staple, led Joseph Abbatangelo to enlist the help of his uncle Michael Iuorio. Their Italian adventure led to a passion for wet shaving which in turn led to a business venture. Now you can get a full-line of men's grooming essentials like this RazoRock DE Safety Razor, Baby Smooth.

    This razor was designed for the easily-irritatied-skinned, daily shaver. Razorock set out to create a razor that remedied all the issues surrounding sensitive skin. Here were their criteria:

    • Easy to use and find the right angle
    • Mild but effective cutting action
    • Design of head reduces occurrence of ingrown hairs and razor burn
    • Comfortable grip even with the slickest of protective lathers
    • Built using CNC machining
    • Economical, unparalleled value-for-money

    The resulting Baby Smooth razor is machined from 6061 aluminum and finished with a black anodized coating to protect from oxidation. The posts on the top cap are fully machined from one piece so there is no spot welding or tacked posts. Grab yours today and see what a smooth, irritation-free shave you can experience.

    Note from Razorock: Although the quality is extremely high, the razor probably will not be absolutely 100% perfect. They are machined and finished to a high user grade, not a jewel piece, the odd mark or blemish can be expected.


    • Handle length: 90mm
    • Handle diameter: 13mm diameter
    • Weight: 37grams (1.3oz)

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