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    • Single-edge safety razor
    • Aggressive, pro-level shaver
    • Black Anodized finish

    The hunt for alum sticks for his father-in-law, who claimed he couldn't live without his Italian staple, led Joseph Abbatangelo to enlist the help of his uncle Michael Iuorio. Their Italian adventure led to a passion for wet shaving which in turn led to a business venture. Now you can get a full-line of men's grooming essentials like this RazoRock Single Edge Safety Razor, Hawk, Satin Silver Anodized.

    This limited-edition razor was a long time in coming. The dream of creating a single-edge grooming utensil that was precise AND affordable was not easily accomplished. Inspired by artist club style single edges, this razor had to be manufactured with exacting standards to ensure that the blade lined up perfectly every time. So, this tool is CNC manufactured from 6061 billet and rod aluminum for precision alignment. This updated version of the Hawk has some modifications worth noting. The top cap has been rounded for a more natural feel on the face (especially for DE users), the blade guides are now posts for easier alignment of blades, the safety bar is strengthened on the base plate to protect the edge, the handle is updated for better grip and a screwable end cap to lengthen or shorten the handle. The finish is black anodized for an attractive and durable presentation.

    It is a very aggressive shaver as the SE blades are thicker, sharper, and more rigid than the more popular DE blades. So, use light pressure and give yourself 10-15 shaves to hone your technique before making a final judgement. This grooming requisite takes the following blades (not included):

    • FEATHER Professional Blade (aka Artist Club Professional)
    • FEATHER Pro Guard Blade (aka Artist Club Pro Guard)
    • KAI Captain Titan Mild (aka KAI Pinks)

    Note: When changing the blades on these, it is recommended that you hold the head in a thick towel in case it slips. These blades are SHARP.


    • 90mm long
    • 12mm diameter
    • 1.3oz weight

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