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    • Beard brush from Rockwell
    • Natural boar bristles
    • Lighweight, bamboo base

    Born out of a kick-butt Kickstarter campaign, Rockwell introduced their innovative Š—“adjustableŠ—? razor in 2014. Since then they have continued to innovate and expand to bring you an exceptional shave. And if you arenŠ—Èt into shaving, they even had a few essentials to keep your whiskers in tip-top shape. Enter the Rockwell Beard Brush

    Why a brush just for your unruly face forest? Because a mug that epic needs extra special care. Using a short bristle brush helps to evenly distribute your natural oils throughout your facial hair which softening and conditions your beard. The Rockwell Brush is designed to be gentle on your skin while still cleaning your whiskers. A good brushing will keep your beard looking healthy and tamed.

    This grooming utensil has natural boar bristle which provide a great stiffness for getting through that wiry, coarse facial hair. The base is constructed of lightweight bamboo for ease of handling Š—– and travel! The small. handle-less design allows it to fit nicely in the hand for maneuverability. Get your today and keep your growth in check.

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