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    • Inkwell type razor stand by Rockwell Razors
    • White Chrome over brass, small footprint
    • Holds matching Rockwell Model T, 6C, 2C, or 6C Safety Razor


    If you've tuned your ear to the buzz surrounding Rockwell Razors, then you probably know about the mind-blowing Kickstarter campaign (online crowdfunding platform) that helped launch an innovative, adjustable safety razor. Fully funded in just 24 hours, Rockwell Razor was truly kick-started into existence. So, if you've got the razor, then you need the stand. Get the Rockwell Inkwell Stand White Chrome.

    The simple cylindrical knob is designed to fit the Rockwell 6S razor perfectly. It is made in the USA of durable, chrome-plated brass and engineered to hold the weight of a razor as well. The elegant stand is finished to match chrome razors and enhance your decor. Since you've invested in such a grooming requisite, you need to maintain it. That is what a stand does! It helps to hold your razor upright and allow water to drain away so the razor can dry between uses.

    If you are tempted to toss your razor in drawer or even hide it away in medicine cabinet, think again. Grab this stand and care for your razor as it deserves. Allow it access to air and it will be the better for it.

    Razor sold separately.

    Made in the USA