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Semogue 1800 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

Hand-made in Portugal, this attractive boar bristle shaving brush is packed with the finest pure boar bristle from Semogue. The banded boar is great for soaps and will give a lot of exfoliation when used. The handle has a nice wide base to ensure a good grip while in use. Handle: Wood Total Height: 110mm Loft: 55mm Knot Diameter: 22mm Hair: Boar Bristle Made in Portugal. Other Resources Fits the following stands: OP-WCS-301 --- $14.99 --- West Coast Shaving 301 Razor and Brush Stand, Chrome OP-WCS-303 --- $13.49 --- West Coast Shaving 303 Brush Stand, Chrome OP-WCS-304 --- $14.99 --- West Coast Shaving 304 Razor and Brush Stand, Chrome OP-WCS-305 --- $14.99 --- West Coast Shaving 305 Razor and Brush Stand, Black OP-WCS-306 --- $19.99 --- West Coast Shaving 306...
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Rishat T.
  • Value for Money

my #1 boar brush

handle feels like another finger. breaks in very fast not smelly, very smooth and not tickles nice backbone mine shed a lot about 25 in 3 shaves then stopped losing hairs

Robert I.
  • Value for Money

This brush does the job

I recently came across my 70's era Gillette Atra, way in the back of my medicine cabinet. That lead me to a shaving forum which lead to West Coast Shaving where I purchased this brush and some Mitchell's Wool Fat. I read about each level of brush and settled on Boar partly due to price and partly due to it being not quite a soft as Badger. I guess I liked the idea of a brush with some backbone. I only have this one so I don't speak from vast experience but I'll say this: I have no trouble whipping up a great lather with it and the application is pure pleasure. This has turned the life long chore of shaving into something so much better. There are definitely higher end brushes to be had but at this point I don't seem to be in need of them.

Robert Ball

Great brush!

I got this brush to keep in the shower, as I keep my Semogue Owners Club brush in a stand on the counter. This brush really didn't impress me out of the box, the wood finish was lacking & the label is a sticker, but the brush really performs very well. It's not as refined as the Owners Club Badger, but for the price, you'll be hard pressed to find better... Bristles hydrate quickly, spine is plush yet firm enough to lather, & lathers nicely.. VERY good brush to start with or have as a backup to your favorite Badger brush.

Daniel Gilbert

My favorite brush!

This is easily my favorite shaving brush. After trying a number of badger brushes (from "Pure" to "Silvertip"), I have come to the conclusion that I much prefer boar brushes... and the Semogue 1800 is fantastic. It's got enough stiffness to keep it from turning into a messy mop, but it's soft enough (right out of the box) that it feels good on my face. I've been using it for about a year and it's held up perfectly. Great brush!



I own this brush that I got from a friend. I was alittle sceptical about it at first hearing how great Badger was as opposed to Boar. I LOVE this brush. I have been so happy with it that I dont even use my bager hair brush at all except for travel. You can not go wrong with this brush. It dosent shed, great water retention, feels amazing on my face and the price....Nuff said.