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30% Off All WCS Shaving Brushes + 10% Off All Other Shaving Brushes!

Shark Super Chrome Double Edge Razor Blades

22 reviews
  • Double edge razor blade for a DE safety razor
  • Chrome-plated
  • Available in 5 pack or 100 pack

Shark Super razor blades are made by Lord International (at the crossroads of Europe and Asia). They have been in the blade making business for over 75 years. These popular blades are chrome-plated for a smooth glide against your skin. 

You can get a 5 pack to try them out or get the bulk 100 pack to keep you shaving smooth for a long time.

Size: 5 pack and 20 packs of 5 blades each (100 blades total).

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3.4 Based on 22 Reviews
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Michael P.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Shark Bulk Razor blades

I have never been let down by the blades I have purchased at West Coast Shaving. I started years ago with an assortment pack and since then have stuck with the Shark blades. Double edged razors are the best. This bulk of 100 razors will last me near 4 years. At their prices this is almost like shaving for free.

James I.
  • Value for Money
Not the best

These were my ambassador to safety razors. While my technique and process have improved I cannot eliminate some of the irritation these cause nor get the smoothest shave. C+ While these just are not for me (very thick facial hair) and I would not recommend them as an introductory blade - these lasted longer than any razor I have sampled. A- 3 1/2 Stars

  • Value for Money
First time out, perfect shave

I'll buy these again. After reading other reviews, it seems these don't work so well for some folks. I tried them with my Parker 76R and I got a good, smooth shave with no nicks. Like shave soaps and razors, your mileage may vary. I liked them better than the Astras even though those seem to get better reviews. But Astras gave me more nicks than any other blade I've tried. Go figure.

  • Value for Money

These blades are fine. I rec'd them with a Razor purchase. How can you go wrong with a shark? After shopping for a while, I started looking at where the top blades are made. This may not matter to you, but it matters to me. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan.....they are all major blade producers. Merkur is German. Astra is Russian. Shark is Egyptian. Then I found Personna. They are made in Israel. They will get my business.

Scott M.
  • Value for Money
Inexpensive, but feel and shave like a disposable razor

I tried these blades (full disclosure, I received 12 of them free with two of my razors and in a sample pack) in a Parker 65 a Parker 24 and in an Ikon slant. They work OK for 2-3 shaves but even when new they felt "scratchy" and rough on my face. The shave with a 3 pass with touch up was barely DFS on day #1 and by the 3rd shave was only a CCS. I tried 3 blades and will be giving the rest away. I'm know that some folks find these to be excellent but as the saying goes YMMV. Even if they gave me a close shave, I suppose I've been spoiled by other blades that just feel so much smoother on my face. I guess I would sum this review up by saying they felt and shave like a disposable razor...OK in a pinch, but not if I could avoid them.