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    • Innovative shaving bowl
    • Natural clay minerals and polymer aid in lathering
    • 2 pieces work to create exceptional lather


    ShaveBowl is an innovative, modular shaving system created to produce a phenomenal lathering device that solves nearly all shave bowl woes. From the material to the finish to the size, exceptional care has been taken in the development of this bowl. Try it today and see if it lives up to the hype. Get ShaveBowl!

    The ShaveBowl contains two nesting bowls that work together to help you get the frothy lather you desire. Made with polymer and 40% natural clay minerals, all surfaces are covered with a micro-texture to aid in creating your lather fast. The texture gives it the feeling of natural soapstone and provides the bowls a lovely matte finish look. It has an heirloom quality durability that will last a lifetime (and won't shattered when dropped on your bathroom tile!).

    The bottom bowl holds about 6oz of soap, so it is perfect for most pucks on the market today. Press a soft soap into it or cut up a harder puck which will cure to the shape. Load your brush with soap and then bring it to the top bowl to complete your lather. The top bowl has cut outs to hold your razor and brush when not in use.

    Truly, they have thought of everything! Keep your eyes open for new products from this innovative company.


    • Brush holder - 28mm
    • Razor holder - 13mm
    • Total weight without soap - 295g
    • Height - 3-3/4 in.

    Made in the USA


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