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    • Handcrafted shaving brush
    • Elegant ivory-esque handle
    • Loaded with silvertip badger hair, in the elite two-band style


    If you are "all in" with this wet shaving gig, if you are looking for the best, if you want cream-of-the-crop/top-of-the-heap, then you want to check out this shaving brush from Shavemac. Loaded with the best badger hair they could find and handcrafted in a timeless fashion, you get a brush worthy to shave your face: Shavemac #177 2B 23mm Silvertip D01!

    This brush starts with an ivory-esque handle for a vintage shaving feel. Smooth and sturdy, this shaft is perfect for a water-resistent, no slip grip. The clean lines and simple "Shavemac" stamp make it a classic. There is nothing gaudy about this elegant, understated handle.

    But what they understated in the handle comes out in the hair. This brush is filled with Shavemac's top grade, silvertip badger hair. But they further sort that hair to bring you a two-band loft which uses only the longest, firmest strands. In order to produce the two-band effect (shimmering tips and a long dark section down to the handle), they must select only the hairs long enough to have the appropriate length of dark tone. That makes these brushes rarer and more valuable. Those strands are, in addition, very dense and firm to create a uniquely sturdy shaving brush, stilll soft on the face but with an exceptional "backbone".

    Treat yourself to Shavemac #177 Two Band 23mm Silvertip D01!

    • Knotsize: 23 mm
    • Loft Length: 54 mm
    • Total Height: 104 mm
    • Handle Height: 50 mm
    • Handle Diameter: 38 mm

    Made in Germany

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