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    • An ebony handled shaving beauty
    • Loaded with badger hair
    • A great value for a great quality brush

    Finest materials, finest craftsmanship, finest customer service! If you are looking for a quality shaving brush, look no further than Shavemac #25 21mm Finest Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ebony. This is an excellent brush at an excellent price.

    This brush has an ebony-esque handle for a dramatic presentation. At 21mm, this brush is on the small to medium size so it is great for all types of lathering: face, mug, palm, etc.

    It is loaded with badger hair in Shavemac's "finest" grade which means you get exceptional hair just a step shy of silvertip. This is a great value as you get a premium hair without the silvertip cost. You get a soft, comfortable shave from this grooming essential.

    All Shavemac brushes are manufacured in a timeless fashion. Precision scales are used to weigh the hair, a forming block is used to tap it into the correct contour, and then a expert artisan hand "plucks" the strands to create the symmetry and design that you look for in a quality brush.

    • Height: 48mm
    • Loft: 49mm
    • Knot size: 21 mm

    Made in Germany.

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