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    • A quality shaving brush from a quality company, Shavemac
    • With a faux ebony handle
    • Loaded with silvertip badger hair for an exceptionally soft loft

    Is your shaving den overflowing? Do you have men's grooming sites, forums, and blogs bookmarked? Is your badger hair wish list reaching national debt proportions? You might just suffer from SBAD (shaving brush acquisition disorder). We here at WCS don't have a cure, so we just seek to enable. Which is just what will happen when you check out Shavemac. Take a look at Shavemac #25 21mm Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush, Ebony.

    Shavemac is generating quite a bit of buzz for their exceptional brushes: quality badger hair material, stunning craftsmanship, and a great shave. This brush comes with a faux ebony handle in smooth lines for an elegant look. At 21mm, this is a small to medium sized brush.

    This delightful shaving essential is loaded with silvertip badger hair, a premium quality that is known by its distinctive shimmering ends and dark band through the middle of the loft. The softness of these brushes is matched by their durability, so you get a high quality shave.

    And this brush is created by hand in a timeless technique. Precision scales are used to weigh the densely packed hair. A forming block shapes the head as the hairs are "tapped" into the bulb-shaped head. Lastly, expert artisans "pluck" the strands to perfect the symmetry and design of the final product.

    What's one more? Go ahead, get the Shavemac #25 21mm Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush, Ebony.

    • Height: 48mm
    • Loft: 49mm
    • Knot size: 21 mm

    Made in Germany

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