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30% Off WCS Shaving Scuttles, Bowls, and Stands!

Simpson Chubby 2 Super Badger Shaving Brush CH2

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$393.99 - $393.99
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Considered to be one of the finest shaving brushes available today, the Chubby is a shaving classic and one of Simpson's best sellers. The hand tied knot is filled with extra dense Simpson Super badger hair.

Color: Faux Ivory Total Height: 95mm Bristle Loft: 50mm Knot Dia: 27mm Hair: Simpson Super Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England

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Fits the following stand:

OP-WCS-251 --- $19.98 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 251 at knot
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Dennis D.
United States United States
I recommend this product
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A Great Way to Start the Day

The best brush I’ve ever used. Quality build. Wonderful feel. It makes my day.

Michael G.
United States United States
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This Brush Brushes Other Brushes Aside

All right--------So when I turned 70 (last month), I decided to treat myself to a top shelf shaving brush--------I have several: Razorock Big Bruce Synthetic: Very good----Soft but very good backbone. Spanish-made horsehair brush: Medium backbone----Scratchy. Semogue boar hair: Softer but more backbone than horsehair. Badger brush from Caswell & Massey: Listed as Pure Badger----Not dense----Disappointing backbone----Inspired upgrade. Travel Brush: Also Caswell & Massey------Styled after Simpson's----Listed as Bure Badger-----All dark hair----Very dense----Good backbone. That said, I purchased the Chubby 2 Super on Aug 30, 2020, received on Sept 4-----My reaction is as follows (using a Persona blade in a Merkur 34C razor): Sept. 27-------2-day growth-----Used Proraso White sensitive skin pre-shave cream, shaving cream------WOW!--------Some have said that the brush felt like a pillow------To me, it felt like stroking my face with a Boxing glove:------Soft yet dense. Sept. 29--------2-day growth-----Used Fine Green Vetiver puck soap (bowl lather)-----No trouble creating & keeping lather-----Plenty left over-----Remarkable! Sept. 30--------Fine American Blend cream (in tube----bowl lather)----Again, excellent lather creation & retention. Oct. 1: Fine Sandalwood (puck----bowl lather)-----I'm feeling spoiled! Oct. 2: Palmolive Shaving Stick: Face lather------YES! As you see, I used different shaving types to see how the brush would perform, and it was flawless!----------Expensive? Yes, but worth it. 5 days from date of order to delivery in New York City. This is what I've been waiting for---------Come on, guys-------Put this on your Holiday/birthday/anniversary wish list and make the dream come true. itoldjaso.

Ross M.
  • Value for Money

Simpson Chubby 2 Super

The Simpson Chubby 2 has long been a brush I've wanted to try/own. I have used it roughly 5 times now and it seems to be breaking in nicely. The knot is the most dense of any brush I've ever used. It feels like a pillow on your face. The lone downfall is that because of the density, this knot can hold on to a LOT of water, thus potentially over-hydrating your soap/cream out of the gate. Just be sure to ring out as much water as possible before lathering. Not hard to see why this classic beauty of a brush has been around for so long. Great brush!

Fabrianne L.
  • Value for Money

Just Made My Hubbies Morning

Go on buy the super badger, you already saved a fortune switching to a safety razor. Hubby's shave time and splash zone on my mirror reduced by 60% lather is fabulous with cheap creme from greece and Taylor of Old Bond Street. Perfect anniversay gift.

  • Value for Money

Greatest! SIMPSON Chubby 2 Super Badger Shaving Brush

The SIMPSON Chubby 2 in super badger is an excellent shaving brush. This brush features what is called silver tip badger, which is the one step up from the best badger type in terms of quality. I really like the fullness of this knot. It really lathers up big time and looks nice.