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Simpson Chubby 3 Super Badger Shaving Brush CH3S

6 reviews

Considered to be one of the finest shaving brushes available today, the Chubby is a shaving classic and one of Simpson's best sellers. The hand tied knot is filled with extra dense Simpson Super badger hair.

Color: Faux Ivory Total Height: 101mm Bristle Loft: 52mm Knot Dia: 30mm Hair: Simpson Super Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England

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Fits the following stand:

OP-WCS-251 --- $19.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 251 at knot
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United States United States
I recommend this product
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Simpson Chubby 3, great replacement for an heirloom badger brush

I bought this brush because an "heirloom brush" that had been sitting in a drawer for years turned out to be far superior to brushes I had been using. It was a no-brand, "Hand Made Fine Badger" with a horn handle that belonged to a great-grandfather who died in 1955 -- according to family legend. I decide to try the Chubby 3 as one of the best available brushes, so I could preserve the heirloom. Using it has taken some learning. The Chubby 3's knot is much bigger and denser than the heirloom, and is a water and soap hog. Getting the water and soap balance has been tricky. Once I get the mix right, I get a great lather. Because of it's size, I learned to rest the handle against the base of my fore and middle fingers in my palm and grip the top of the handle near the base of the knot to apply the lather. It's great, but is it worth the money? That's your call.

Stephen G.
United States United States
I recommend this product
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Doesn’t get much better

If you’re here you know this is a big brush, and it certainly lives up to its reputation. I have an average sized face and when it’s splayed it nearly covers an entire cheek. The soft bristles combined with good backbone give a luxurious face massage and lather, but beware it will eat up your soaps. The sticker shock wore off after the first use, so If this fits into your budget I would highly recommend.

Dennis H.
  • Value for Money
Excellent brush, awful delivery service

Chubby3 in super is a fantastic brush, the density, softness and the backbone is just too good and it will definitely bring the shaving experience to another level. However, on the other hand, the delivery service from WSC is just not too trustworthy, they wrongly made an international order into a domestic one which caused a longgggg delay of the delivery, almost twice the time of the promised schedule. In addition, the customer service was not too helpful when they first spotted the error. The agent just sent an email and told me like ��� oh, sorry to keep you waiting(11-12 day since ordered) , we made a mistake and the goods returned to wsc warehouse, ���do you still want it?�� ... *** is that??? Of, course I want my brush. Anyway, it finally arrived at the 26th date since order being made. It was not a pleasant experience...

West Coast Shaving

Thank you for taking the time to review your experience with us. I am very sorry to hear that your order experienced these issues. It's quite the anomaly for an order to experience this mix-up, and I apologize that this had fallen on you. However, I appreciate your correspondence with us and am glad to hear you're enjoying your brush!

Andrew K.
  • Value for Money
A brush above the rest

The best brush I've ever used, This thing is huge but very tightly knotted, holds a lot of lather

  • Value for Money
Great brush

It's a big brush but not as ridiculous as I thought it was going to be, personally I think it's the perfect size. It's short and dense so it makes a good lather with soap and actually softened up quite a bit after the first few weeks. It does take a couple of days to dry out completely but I found that 24 hours dried out most of it but those dense hairs inside the knot were a bit damp still. All and all though it's worth every penny as its made lathering up harder soaps so much better.