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    Derrill L.
    • Value for Money

    A Great Little Brush!

    I have three Simpson brushes in my rotation (Duke 3, Classic 2, Classic 1). The Simpson Classic 1 has become my favorite, overtaking the Classic 2. This brush cuts hard soap like a pit bull and handles like a sports car. A bonus is that it's also a great travel brush. Either Classic is a must have, this one suits me best. I caught myself mine on a 20% off sale making it a super value.

    Douglas F.
    • Value for Money


    West Coast had a deal on Simpson shaving brushes which I couldn't pass up. I already have a Simpson Case and a Colonel, the latter is losing bristles and can't seem to stop. The case is shorter for travel and a little firmer. the Colonel is a little longer and softer. I bought the Special this time which I found to be in between. Each has a distinctive characteristic. What I see is each has its place. the Special is wider and holds more water which makes it easier to get a more foamy soap going ( I don't use hard soap). The Colonel is less expensive but still does a good job. The Case is a little less expensive and a little prickly but I want that some days. I like them all but for different reasons. For those who are uncertain about which to purchase, I'm not sure there is a wrong answer but I would say the better the brush, the more water it naturally holds which adds to the foaminess of the soap. ( I also have a very cheap drug store badger brush which is floppy but is okay.)


    Great Brush!!!

    I went into WCS the other day not really looking for a brush but ended up walking out with the Classic 1 and the Simpson travel case. It is a great brush that has opened up nicely and has very soft tips while retaining the backbone needed to face lather MWF. And it fits in the travel case! Winner in my book.

    Robert McGrath

    Simpson Classic 1

    The Classic 1 feels like a small brush, but has a dense Best Badger knot with deceptive loft, allowing it to open up without being floppy. It performs very well with creams and soaps alike, and is a pleasure to use when face lathering. This is a brush well worth consideration, especially when looking for a small brush that performs like one much larger.

    Forrest White

    I Love this brush!

    I purchased the Classic 1 from WCS about a month ago. This brush performs very well with soap, it quickly forms a thick lather, all thanks to the tightly packed knot of ultra soft Best Badger. There were no more than ten hairs lost after the first week.