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Simpson Commodore X3 Best Badger Shaving Brush X3B

19 Reviews
  • Popular, affordable shaving brush from Simpson
  • Loaded with excellent best badger hair
  • Turned in three sizes

Simpson brushes just seem to set the standard for this grooming essential. Since 1919 when Alexander Simpson turned his first brush, his reputation has grown. Now you can get his award-winning brushes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and grades. This popular Commodore option is a best seller for its affordability and quality. Try Simpson Commodore X3 Best Badger Shaving Brush X3B.

This brush is loaded with Simpson's best badger hair. This mid-grade option is a great choice for those who love the benefits of badger but without the premium price-tag. This exceptional hair will water absorb water to whip up a fantastic lather. It also has a great face feel. An...
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Charles D.

Well built I think will

Well built I think will last long time it is not as soft as I thought it would be but think it will soften with time

Lawrence S.
  • Value for Money


The Commodore X3 used to be a great brush. I used one for several years and it was,in my opinion, perfect. (It had a green label and may have been made before Simpson's was acquired.) So, I decided to buy another. Bad decision. Used the new one for a couple of months and it began to shed bristles-a LOT of bristles. I contacted Simpson under the warranty. The experience was very pleasant and they replaced the brush. They even threw in a jar of shaving cream. Unfortunately, the brush is even worse than the one it replaced. After 6 weeks it sheds at least a dozen bristles with each shave. As background, I have been using shaving brushes for around 15 years and have never had this problem with any other brush.

Greg S.
  • Value for Money

Updated review

Greg S. here again to update my prior 3-star review. I asked WCS for a replacement brush and they sent it. Comparing the two, is already clear that this brush is awesome and the other one was defective from the start. My new Commodore X3 has only shed a hair or two while the other one started off shedding at least a few hairs every time it was touched, culminating in the shedding I wrote about earlier. Anyway, I wanted to update my review to say that WCS happily stood by their product, so if you want one of these brushes, you can buy without risk.

Greg S.
  • Value for Money

Lather face with brush, comb shed hairs off of face, then shave

The brush is very comfortable and affordable. It works up an excellent lather. Simpson has clearly used quality badger hair. However, like many others (see especially the reviews on this brush) the shedding my brush has done is unacceptable. It lost a hair here or there for the first month. Since then--and I'm on month 4--it's been 10-20 hairs per shave. Some small amount of shedding with new brushes may be normal, but this is clearly too much. Simpson needs to address this issue before brushes leave the shop.

David L.
  • Value for Money

This brush makes you want to shave more!

Soft with great loft and handle and puts down a great thick lather over your beard. Tends to hold a lot of lather so you need to rinse it thoroughly. For a brush of this quality and size it's a steal at this price.