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30% Off All WCS Shaving Stands
30% Off All WCS Shaving Stands

Simpson Duke 3 Synthetic Shaving Brush (D3S)

  • Traditional shaving brush
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Faux ivory handle

Longevity. Expertise. Quality. Simpson brushes have been building a reputation for these values since Alexander Simpson started making brushes in the East End of London in 1919. They survived re-locations, WWII, and more to continue to bring the world exceptional grooming essentials. Check out Simpsons Classic Synthetic Shaving Brush.

The Duke is a fantastic brush, regardless of price and a Simpson best seller. It is a bargain for a handmade brush with Simpson's synthetic hair. This super fast drying brush makes it ideal for travel or quick trips to the gym. 

The Duke is a faux ivory handle with a double ridge in the middle for grip. This is a sturdy and well-balanced option. The Duke is turned in three different sizes: D1,...
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