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    • Economical shaving brush from Simpson
    • Loaded with pure badger hair
    • Faux ivory handle


    Simpson Shaving Brushes top our bestselling lists at WCS. And it is easy to see why. For nearly a century, this British company has been handcrafting these grooming tools in a huge array of sizes and grades. We love this Simpson Special 1 Pure Badger Shaving Brush S1 because it's pure badger at a great price point. A reasonably priced brush that still holds that special Simpson appeal.

    This utensil is small, but mighty. With its pure badger hair, it holds water well and whips up a great lather, even though it is a little more "scritchy" than higher grades of hair. (Some really like this as they want a good exfoliator in their brush.) With a little breaking in, this grooming essential will provide with you many exceptional shaves.

    The handle is classic Simpson: faux ivory and stamped with the Simpson logo so you know you are getting quality. It has a comfortable grip with a bevel for non-slip action as you hold it with wet hands. You can't go wrong with a brush like this.

    Try Simpson Special 1 Pure Badger Shaving Brush S1.

    • Color: Faux Ivory
    • Total Height: 90mm
    • Bristle Loft: 40mm
    • Knot Dia: 19mm
    • Hair: Pure Badger

    Dimensions are approximate

    Handmade in England

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