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    • THE Wee Scot from Simpson
    • Small (ahem, tiny) brush with big results
    • Best badger hair in a faux ivory handle

    To attempt a description of the iconic, renowned, but tiny, Wee Scot, is an intimidating experience. So we encourage you to read the reviews. However, we don't want to leave you without the facts. So. . . the Wee Scot is the smallest production brush being made today (at least that we know of). When we say small, we mean small. It's tiny, but a useful tiny. Yes, men shave with it every day. Find out why they are calling it "the mouse that roars"!

    The hand tied knot is filled with Simpson Best badger hair. This gives it backbone to whip up a great lather, but the soft "face feel" from the tips that you expect from badger. The size of the brush means that you can accurately place the lather where you want it -- without wearing it.

    The faux ivory handle gives it the traditional feel of other Simpson brushes. It is lathe turned and polished, and adorned with Alexander Simpson's signature. (The only brush so marked!). In case you don't read the reviews, let us leave you with the reminder that this brush is small -- but no novelty only. It's small enough you can slip in a pill bottle and take it on the road.

    • Color: Faux Ivory
    • Total Height: 67mm
    • Bristle Loft: 35mm
    • Knot Dia: 14mm
    • Hair: Simpson Best Badger

    Dimensions are approximate

    Handmade in England

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    Fits the following stands:

    OP-EDW-RH5S --- $7.00 --- Edwin Jagger Clear Drip Stand, Small
    OP-SSR-SSST2 --- $27.99 --- Super Safety Razors Modern Shave Stand

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