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    • A vegan-based shaving soap by Soap Commander
    • Loaded with shea butter, glycerin, and coconut oil for a moisturizing lather
    • Scented with Courage: a strong, complex aroma of citrus, pepper, & patchouli


    Soap Commander is a "mom & pop" company in Alabama delivering exceptional shaving products to discerning buyers. Born out of a desire to help battle their daughter's eczema, Darren and Connie discovered soap making. Knowing their history means you can be assured their products are perfect for dry, easily irritated skin. They use natural ingredients and create mesmerizing scents. Try their Courage scented shaving soap and live life charged!

    All their Shaving soaps are vegan-based and shea butter enriched to give you a moisturizing, protective shave. Coconut oil and glycerin add to the benefits. The lather produced is rich, thick, and creamy to give you a close, comfortable shave -- even, gasp, against the grain. Use your favorite brush to whip up a frothy lather.

    Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go, said TS Eliot. How far can you take your shaving soap? This is a bold, adventuresome scent for the man who is ready to face life with courage! Top notes of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon offer a bright start. Middle notes of peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine, and peppermint keep things lively. The expensive base notes of patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, and frankincense bring out a deep, rich, masculine undertone.

    Take charge with Soap Commander!

    Size: 6oz.

    Made in the USA

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