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    • Artisan shaving soap from Soap Commander
    • Vegan-based with glycerin, shea butter, and coconut oil
    • Scented with exotic teakwood, spices, cedar, amber, sandalwood, & patchouli


    Hunter S. Thompson once said, "Anything that gets your blood racing, is probably worth doing," If you are looking for your passion and find that a line of artisan shaving soaps with exceptional lather and intriguing scents makes your heart pound, you've found Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Passion. This husband and wife team is passionate about bringing you quality, vegan-based products to improve your shave.

    Soap Commander owners, Darren and Carrie, began to formulate soap to help their daughter battle her eczema. Now they bring that knowledge to you in a rich, moisturizing, irritation-free grooming essential. Loaded with shea butter, coconut oil, and glycerin, you get the lather you need for a close, comfortable shave.

    If following your passion gets your heart rate up, then so will this scent. Soap Commander's richest scent, this aroma is a spicy blend of masculine sex appeal. Intoxicating teakwood is surrounded by a plethora of spices: cardamom, cinnamon, and clove leading you to the edge of adventure with these exotic fragrances. Then a strong base of cedar, amber, sandalwood, and pathchouli round out this refined blend.

    Follow where your heart leads - and look great doing it: Soap Commander Shaving Soap, Passion.

    Size: 6oz.

    Made in the USA

    Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Colorant (Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Tin Oxide.)

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