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Named after the Alpine Speick plant, this German brand harnesses the gentle yet invigorating properties of Speick extracts to create a range of skincare products. The natural balm, formulated without preservatives or animal derivatives, features a blend of Speick extracts and calendula herbs. These botanical ingredients work synergistically to soothe, soften, and tone the skin post-shave, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized.

With a focus on natural ingredients and traditional herbal remedies, the Speick brand offers a holistic approach to skincare. The combination of Speick extracts and calendula herbs not only nourishes the skin but also emits a vibrant, aromatic scent that invigorates the senses. Whether used as an aftershave balm or as part of a daily skincare routine, Speick products are designed to promote skin health and well-being.

Size: 3.4oz / 100ml tube

Made in Germany

  • SKU: AS-SPE-1182S
  • Brand: Speick
  • Type: After Shave

Speick After Shave Balm

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