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    • All-natural, vegan shaving soap
    • Scented with the medicinal, proprietary speick plant to calm and refresh
    • Made in Germany

    Formulated to give you the perfect, classic wet shaving experience, Speick Shaving Soap is all-natural, creamy, essential oil scented, dermatologically-tested, and vegan. With a list like that, what's not to love. The Speick company has been passionately pursuing natural, soothing, cosmetic soaps for body care for over 80 years.

    The natural, gentle, creamy soap is great for those with sensitive skin. It produces a great lather to make traditional shaving a breeze. The classic scent is composed of essential oils. No nasty synthetic products. It is 100% free of artificial colors, preservatives, silicones, parabens and mineral oil-based ingredients. It comes in a bowl so you can conveniently produce a great lather.

    Using the benefits of the speick plant, the company makes products that benefit body and mind. The legally-protected plant grows only in the Nock Mountains of Austria, high above the tree line. Its roots provide the essential oil for the unique scent and calming properties of the soap. For centuries this medicinal plant has been known to calm stomach upset in Roman emperors, perfume bathes in medieval Europe, and care for skin in ancient Egypt. Still harvested by hand by licensed families, the speick extract is used only by the Speick company.

    Get a high-quality shave with a high-quality soap.

    Size: 5.3 oz / 150 g

    Made in Germany

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