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    • "Untraditional" safety razor from Standard Razors
    • Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum
    • Designed for comfort and control


    My, oh, my! Here's something new! Standard Razors has a "new" safety razor that is giving the "perfect" shave. Check out this new company and what they are bringing to the table with their simple, geometric design, and fabulous engineering. You must have one of these on your vanity: Standard Razors, Black.

    Like many companies, Standard Razors saw the expense and over-kill of the cartridge industry and responded. But they also wanted to kick up the traditional double edge razor. Their grooming utensils are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and geometrically designed to give you the "absolute best shave you've ever experienced." They are extremely light-weight and shave differently (and gasp, better?) than a classic DE. It still takes any standard DE blade so keep your favorite - or find some more with our sample packs.

    The aesthetic is simplicity itself - no textured handle - no furbelows, no frou-frous, no fluff. But no worries about slip on your grip. It has been designed to give you maximum control. Just a simple black razor. You can check it out in gunmetal and raw as well. And of course, get the matching (or mix-and-match) stand in black, gunmetal, or raw.

    Said one reviewer: "Nothing I've ever shaved with - electric, cartridge, or any other DE - has given me a closer, more comfortable shave. Hats off to Standard Razors for, well, setting the standard!"

    Made in China

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