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    Kevin L.
    • Value for Money

    Wanted to love this razor but couldn't

    This is a very attractive razor. It has simple, clean lines. I did not have the problem with the screw and the top cap. Mine stayed in with no problem. The finish on the razor was flawless. Being made out of aluminum the razor is very light. My problem with the razor is the quality (or lack thereof) of the shave. The blade gap just was not wide enough to give a close shave. No matter what blade I put in this razor, none would give me anything like a close shave. After three passes my stubble was still heavy. It had a tough time to remove just a little. Granted I have a heavy thick beard but this was not acceptable at all. I have over 45 different DE razors and this is by far the worst shave out of all of them.

    Patrick S.
    • Value for Money

    Not Impressed

    I bought this razor based on the intriguing description of giving the "perfect" shave and WCS offering it at a discount before Christmas. The only thing I can admit to liking about this razor is the handle and its stand I bought separately. Right out of the box, I discovered that the center post of the top cap (what the handle screws onto) actually screws INTO the top cap instead of being forged or molded as part of the top cap. When you screw the handle on tightly for a snug blade fit and then unscrew it for a blade change, the center post will come off the top cap instead of off the handle. I had to place a drop of Gorilla Glue on the threads to keep it secured to the top cap. Regarding the shave itself, the texture of the aluminum material is simply not as smooth as one made of polished brass or chrome (which is fine for the handle but not the top cap IMO) so this razor didn't glide over my face like others and resulted in a bloody mess. YMMV but I'll go back to using my Merkur 23C.

    • Value for Money

    Top Of The Line Razor

    I have been shaving for over 50 years now and have used all kinds of razors. In the past couple of years I run across Standard Razors and gave one a try. What an experience it was. At first I saw the gap and said to myself , this thing is going to rip my face up if I use it. I started out slow and couldn't even feel the razor cutting my beard at all. When I was done my face was so smooth that I couldn't believe it . This razor shaved me smoother than any other razor that I own and I have over 30 different DE's , SE's , Injector's and Straight razor's . After using this for a while and it's been over a year and a half and now I own all 3 of their razors . Each one gives a perfect shave each and every time I shave with them . I still use my other razor's but I alway's come back to the Standard Razors. If you want one of the best shaves that you ever had then, get one of these and you won't be sorry . Have a nice shave day.