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    • Simple and functional razor & stand set
    • Crafted from lightweight aluminum for a new (better?) take on shaving
    • Available in raw or gunmetal or black


    Peanut butter & jelly, Batman & Robin, Ben & Jerry! Whatever your favorite pairing, we're about to give it a run for its money. Let us introduce you to Standard Razor & Stand. This revolutionary new company is introducing a new way to shave with their aircraft grade aluminum and geometric design. It's a DE safety razor -- but better?!? Put it together with their simple, effective stand and you've got the perfect shave.

    This set includes:

    • the razor - Crafted of lightweight aluminum is doesn't shave just like a DE but many are getting the closest most comfortable shaves they have experienced. Said one reviewer, "It has slipped into the front of my DE rotation´è_´è__´è_´è___not only does it seem to bring out the best in various blades, but the comfort has to be experienced to be believed." And even though the simple handle has no texture or frills, it still provides maximum control.
    • the stand - the matching stand is a lesson in simplicity. But simple doesn't mean lacking. This little powerhouse packs a punch in engineering. The razor slips in upright for the perfect drying/storage position. But if you need a place to rest your tool during your shaving routine, it has that covered as well. Just set it horizontally on the stand just as effectively.

    The sets come in raw, black, or gunmetal so you can pick the one for you!

    Size: 1 razor, 1 stand

    Length: 4.0 inches

    Weight: 47.5 grams

    Made in China