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Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Stirling Gentleman

4 Reviews
  • Artisan shave soap from Stirling
  • Tallow, glycerin, and lanolin create a thick, slick lather
  • Scented with a truly refined aroma of a gentleman

Stirling Soap Company began with a vision to bring something that could properly be labeled "soap" back to your grooming routine. No artificially loaded "washes", no chemically based "cleansing bars", just good natural soap. So, if you love the back-to-basics nature of wet shaving, you will love this company and its myriad of fantastic soaps! Try Stirling Soap Company Shave Soap, Stirling Gentleman.

They have created a healthy soap that produces a healthy lather! Their tallow-based soaps are loaded with glycerin and lanolin - a perfect storm of lathering goodness from the earliest days of soap making. Then a healthy dose of almond oil, coconut...
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Brad Y.
  • Value for Money

My favorite scent

This soap carries with it the quality expected from Stirling Soaps. The smell though, wow! It reminds me of the sweet and mellow aroma of tobacco. My wife loves it. Because the fragrance lasts a long time, it helps me to manage a craving for Levi Garrett. It is by far my favorite scent they produce.

William R.
  • Value for Money

Great quality

This shaving soap easily works up to a rich lather and gives me an exceptionally comfortable shave. While I'm not a fan of the scent, my wife likes it, and the scent has staying power (for lack of a better term) that I've yet to find in any other soap. Four stars for outstanding quality and comfort.

John F.
  • Value for Money

Customer John F.

Performs as others have reported(very well) BUT the scent to me is very unpleasant and I do regret buying it. I doubt if I'll ever finish as I tried a small tongue depressor size lump and it lasted 3 shaves. Worst yet it lingers on you and my bathroom only constantly reminding me of a purchase I do regret.

Tim C.
  • Value for Money

my first Stirling and was slightly disappinted

My issue with this soap is strictly the smell. The soap is an excellent shave soap. For me, this did not live up to the Stirling hype. I had a hard time with the scent because all I could smell was the tallow. I know that not everyone has this issue with tallow but I did on this soap. I have left it open for several days and that seemed to help quite a bit. The tallow smell has gone away quite a bit but is still lingering. The smell of the soap is nice but not as strong as I was hoping. The soap itself however lathers beautifully and is nice and slick. The size of the soap is a fantastic value and will last a long long time, even for someone who uses it daily.