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    Shaving can sometimes be an endless routine for most men and oftentimes, they don't get that close enough shave or end up with nicks and razor bumps. Get that sleek cheek and smooth skin at a fraction of the cost with the Super-Max Platinum Double Edge Blades. DE razor blades are safe and have sharp edges on both sides; so you can achieve that smooth, close shave with fewer strokes.

    This product is made from the highest quality Swedish steel with platinum and polymer coating to prevent rusting. It is treated with an innovative robotized technology at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for a more precise shaving experience. It's hard to achieve that smooth and bump-free skin if your blade has lost its sharp edges.

    Replace that old and blunt blade without having to head out to the nearest grocery because this great product comes in a pack of 5 and is conveniently packed in a vibrantly colored card box.

    Size: 5-pak

    Made in Bulgaria.

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