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    Ken McBrayer
    I recommend this product
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    Good enough

    Middle of the road blade in my book. These will remove facial hair. Took a a little extra effort to get BBS. I won't restock when these are gone, but YMMV.

    James M.
    • Value for Money

    Cost effective intro blade; struggles with thicker hair

    A very good shave but wearsfast and pulled with thick hair; was never perfectly smooth

    Steve F.
    • Value for Money

    Simple Sharp and Smooth

    Great value in these blades. I was able to get a very smooth shave and close with one of my aggressive Blackbird razors. Almost as good as a feather blade. For the money you will get an economical and satisfying shave!

    S. M.
    • Value for Money

    Just OK for me, but YMMV

    OK, I've got enough expensive blades that I REALLY like at 5 shaves a blade to last me >6000 shaves. I found a seller (Not West Coast so I won't name it here) that sold a sampler of 100 blades. Included was just about one of every blade made from the the cheapest up to Feathers and Kai a reasonable price. For the few premium blades, I'll use them 5 times in a couple of different razors. For the Cheapo's and the mid-range blades I'll use 2 of them just once on the week end. Some have been very impressive, most have been just OK. It's surprising how many variations of some blades like Lord, Shark, and Gillette 7O'clock there are and all shave differently. All the blades are used in a Parker 68S, with one flavor or another of Soap Commander after a Musgo Glycerine pre-shave wash . I use a 4-pass shave WTG, XTG once in each direction and XTG. A Cold water rinse, alum and another cold water rinse. V-Super Max Super Stainless gave and almost perfect BBS shave but needed some polishing after the forth pass. the shave felt a bit rough and I did get a couple of weepers, For comparison, this razor with a Voskhod or a Bolzano in my hands is whisper soft. I am an experienced shaver but I think my bleeding was caused by trying too hard for that perfect BBS shave after the 4th pass. I should have just left well enough alone on my chin and jawline. For my style of shaving the Super-Max Super Stainless is defiantly 2nd string.


    The best blades I've found

    In what is truly a significant example of "Your mileage may vary," in contrast with the 2 earlier reviews, after trying about 20 different kinds of double edged blades, including all of WCS's largest sample pack and 2 more expensive versions of Super-Max blades, these are far and away the best double edged blades I've tried and are my go to blades. I have quite a tough beard and fairly sensitive skin, and I found these blades to be sharp, smooth and forgiving. I just ordered 300 more.