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    • A shaving soap from Tabula Rasa
    • Scented with Eric Kormann No. 12 December fragrance
    • Enriched with mango butter, shea butter, argan oil, and Stimu-tex


    A soap for every season, a reason for every soap. A traditional shaving aficionado or a wet shaving newbie, you know the lure of a great shaving soap. German soapmaker, Tabula Rasa, scratches your itch with exceptional lather and unique scents. In their December grooming essential, they hit on the right note for those winter months.

    Tabula Rasa is lighting up the blogs and forums with their artisan, hand-made, small batch, luxurious soaps. They contain a proprietary ingredient called Stimu-tex to ease irritations, itchiness, and dryness for those with sensitive skin and allergies. Their seifen is enriched with mango butter, shea butter, argan oil. These moisturizing qualities last even beyond the shave to give you an incredibly soft and supple post-shave face. The texture of this soap/cream is unique. Some have called it a hard cream while others dub it a soft soap. Regardless, it produces a creamy, full, protective lather.

    The Germans brought us the Christmas tree, now they bring that wood scent into your shaving routine. This December version is scented with a unique combination of spice & wood with just a hint of floral and citrus. The spicy cardamom, vanilla, and pink pepper bring life to the earthy, woodsy notes of balsam, elemi, and patchouli. A hint of rose and lime round out this fragrance.

    Start or round out your collection with Tabula Rasa December.

    Size: 90g

    Made in Germany

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