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    • A cream/soap from German soapmaker, Tabula Rasa
    • Loaded with skin nurturing ingredients: argan oil, mango butter, shea butter, Stimu-tex
    • Subtly scented with Iso E Super


    If you love the traditional shave, but struggle with sensitive skin, then you need Tabula Rasa. Formulated with the philosophy that every man deserves a chance at a great wet shave, even if he has allergy-prone skin, this German soap maker has taken the shaving world by storm.

    Handcrafted in small batches, these artisan, all-natural products are unique. They are enriched with mango butter, argan oil, shea butter, and barley extract to moisturize and soothe your face, even if you have sensitivities. It also includes a proprietary Swiss-made agent called Stimu-tex, loaded with linoleic acid to provide relief from skin irritations, itching, and dry skin.

    The result is a cream/soap with a unique texture. It has been described as putty-like. Whether you face, palm, or bowl lather, it produces a creamy, billowy foam that provides great protection and glide. But users really rave about the post-shave benefits. The long lasting results have led some to skip the aftershave balm/splash/lotion altogether.

    While Tabula Rasa makes numerous interesting scents, this Light Cream is popular for its subtlety. It has been described as a milk and honey sort of scent by some. It contains Iso E Super synthetic fragrance which has cedar/sandalwood notes. This understated aroma is perfect, because it doesn't interfere with any additional scent you might want to add to your grooming routine.

    Size: 90g

    Made in Germany

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