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    • Artisan soap from Tabula Rasa
    • Enriched with shea & mango butters, argan oil, and Stimu-tex
    • Scented with patchouli

    Do you find yourself overwhelmed when choosing a soap? How do you begin to decide what would give you the best shave? If you've read forums and blogs, you might have heard of Tabula Rasa soaps from German soapmaker, 1000 & 1 Seife.

    Here is how they go about giving you a great shave:

    • load the soap with mango butter, shea butter, and argan oil for moisturizing properties. (Moisturizing properties so good and long-lasting that some users claim they don't even need an aftershave splash/balm/lotion.)
    • use a proprietary Swiss-made cosmetic agent, Stimu-tex, to combat skin irritations, itching, and dry skin. (This formula means even those with sensitive skin and allergies can enjoy a great wet shaving experience).
    • hand-make it in small batches with natural ingredients. (Supporting artisan craftsmen who measure, mix, and mold each soap gives you a special shave.)
    • make it a cross between a soap and a cream, but one that creates a rich, billowy, creamy lather. (A great lather = a great shave)
    • give it a manly, patchouli fragrance - woodsy, deep, and masculine. (Or choose any of their other unique scents that will linger with you throughout the day.)

    Is that reason enough? There are probably a thousand and one!

    Size: 90g

    Made in Germany

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