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    • All natural mustache wax from Taconic
    • Absorbs easily, non-greasy
    • Light fresh scent


    Whether you are embracing "Mo-vember", emulating Tom Selleck, or exercising your right to a no-shave vacay, you need a product to "control, condition, and hydrate your 'stache". Try this artisan made option from Taconic, a handcrafted, small batch, all natural mustache wax.

    This product is filled with 100% natural ingredients, no parabens, petroleums, or problems! Instead, it boasts antioxidants like safflower, castor, and coconut oils to moisturize and nourish your whiskers. Organic beeswax offers a superior natural hold for your unruly facial hair. Just scrape a nail along the top and warm a bit of wax between your fingers. When it has been warmed, apply it to the mustache and style as desired.

    Product testers declared that they "had to have it". Now you do too.

    • absorbs nicely and won't leave you feeling greasy
    • 2oz tin is double the size of most waxes
    • scented with a light fresh aroma

    Get the upper hand on your handlebar! Get Taconic Mustache Wax.

    Size: 2oz

    Made in the USA