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BLACK FRIDAY Sale! 40% Off WCS Products + 20% Off Sitewide!

Talbot Shaving Soap, Tangerine by Maol Grooming "Unsightly"

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Original price $10.49
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SKU SS-TAL-012-1
  • "Unsightly" soap
  • Tallow-based traditional shaving soap
  • Scented with a simple citrus aroma
  • This shaving soap has a matching aftershave from Maol Grooming

Message from the Vendor:

Due to some unforeseen issues I had an making the soap, there are some jars that, despite the same performance, are unsightly in the jar. So there will be two options when purchasing, a standard 3oz jar for the usual $15 or a standard 3oz of “unsightly” soap for $10. Again, the soap performs the same, but it firmed up in the pot before I could get it into jars. This created an unsightly appearance and an opportunity to buy the soap for 1/3 off of the regular price. This will be a one time opportunity, as I’ve been able to identify the issue, and will ensure it does NOT occur again.

This tallow-based soap whips up a rich, slick later. It is so protective and moisturizing that reviewers report no need for a post-shave product. The recipe is loaded with lathering goodness. In addition to tallow, it boasts shea butter, castor oil, lanolin, palm kernal oil, babbasu oil, tussah silk, and more.

Description from the Vendor

From Maol Grooming: This release is very straightforward in terms of scent, it is simply Tangerine. There are no hints of ‘this’ or ‘that’, and it will not evolve over time. If you enjoy natural citrus scents, this one’s for you. It smells like a juicy, freshly peeled tangerine and it is amazingly enjoyable. Coupled with our base, full of ingredients that promote healthy skin, we think this soap and splash will be a welcome companion to your spring and summer grooming routine.

About Talbot Shaving & Maol Grooming

Talbot Shaving began as a dream to combine soap maker, Chad's, love of the outdoors with his love of wet shaving, and fulfill a creative void in his life. The result is exceptional shaving products with unique scents that reflect some of Chad's favorite places. This soap making journey is (and will continue) to be a hobby for Chad and not a full time soap company. If you can get behind that, then welcome to Talbot.

Sean Mullen started Maol Grooming with the desire to create an aftershave that didn’t leave him feeling burned. After years of loving wet shaving but struggling with the post-shave, he finally decided to create his own. After a year of different formulations and testing, he had the final concoction.

Size: 3oz

Ingredients: Stearic acid, tallow, water, Shea Butter, potassium hydroxide, castor oil, fragrance, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, lanolin, palm kernel oil, marshmallow root, babbasu oil, meadowfoam oil, tussah silk.