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    Billy S.
    • Value for Money

    My personal favorite

    But, I am an older gentleman. So, consider your fragrance preferences. I enjoy the sandalwood fragrance. It matches the TOBS sandalwood shaving cream. But, I use it for other reasons. I don't use anti-perspirant because they contain aluminum that may contribute to mental health issues. True deodorants are not readily available at most stores. I have used the TOBS sandalwood as my main deodorant for several years. It is backed up by Harris Windsor when I want a change. I am very pleased with the performance of the TOBS products I have tried so far. I show it as OK value because it is not inexpensive. I could just buy something from the pharmacy. But, I'm worth more than that.

    Jacob M.
    • Value for Money

    Not for me

    It is nothing personal, but I just don't care for the scent that much at all. It doesn't smell bad or anything, but I just don't like it for something that I would wear. I'll stick with my Harris Windsor. However, in give my compliments to West Coast for great customer service.

    Michael D.

    Good protection, so-so scent

    The TOBS deodorant stick sandalwood scent for me is so-so. I find the protection element of it is fairly good. I get a full day of under arm odor protection from it, but the scent is ok. It is very much a traditional sandalwood smelling deodorant, leaning more so to the "grandfather type of smell". Now in saying this I have the same TOBS sandalwood in the shaving cream and that is also a traditional smell but more of a "barbershop smell" so in that respect I like that. I would imagine that the alcohol and other ingredients are responsible for the smell that to me almost verges on the edge of musty. Not MUSKY, but musty. There is a difference. And also to be fair I have the TOBS sandalwood bath soap bar as well. I wanted to try the three and see how they compared with the fragrance. For me, the shaving cream and the soap have the better slightly more natural smelling scent. Again the deodorant is good for protection but the scent is not my favorite, but it doesn't really project. It does stay close to the body so really after about 15-30 minutes no one is really going to smell it unless they come very close to you. So, in close, I give this 3 stars for the decent protection aspect and not an appealing scent.