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    Sandalwood is one of the most sophisticated aromas out there, and this Taylor of Old Bond Street Deodorant Stick, Sandalwood really makes the most of it. The scent is very light, but it is noticeable, and it will make you come off as classy and quite gentlemanly. The container is 75ml in total, has a screw top, which makes it easy to take this item with you if you're on the road traveling, though most men will likely use it much more at home. It's certainly the type of deodorant that fits right next to your other high quality grooming supplies.

    There isn't any aluminum in this product, so men who are concerned about preserving their health should find it to be entirely suitable for their needs. It is just one of many different products available aside from shaving supplies that help guys to smell and look their best. Because it is so effective at neutralizing odor, you will find yourself feeling confident for the entire day; and rather than having the smell of cheap alternatives that you may pick up in a grocery store, you'll come off as someone who is sophisticated and definitely easy to get close to.

    Size: 75ml / 2.5oz

    Made in England.

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