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    • An aftershave cream for those not looking for the sting.
    • Scented with herbal freshness
    • Made in England


    Some guys prefer not to splash on whatever treatment they use after they are done grooming, and that makes this aftershave cream from Taylor of Old Bond Street a great option. It has a very soothing effect; and for those with sensitive skin, is fortified with avocado oil, vitamin E, and wheat germ, all of which really help to boost the health of your face after you are done with your razor. If you are one of those men who have problems with bumps, rashes, and other effects of shaving that really diminish your appearance, this could help.

    Taylor of Old Bond Street Herbal Aftershave Cream is made in England and comes in a 75ml tube. It has a light, herbal scent to it, which is great for people who like a subtle aroma. If you happen to be going out for the evening, you can look at a TOBS cologne as well, which will provide you with a more noticeable smell. There are plenty of them available that are equally suitable for men who can't handle anything harsh and want something a bit on the mellower side. However, this is another impressive product from a well-known and well-respected manufacturer with a natural and unobtrusive scent paired with delightful healing properties.

    Size: 75 ml

    Made in England.