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15% Off Taylor Of Old Bond Street
15% Off Taylor Of Old Bond Street

Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn St Collection Aftershave Lotion

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SKU AS-TAY-06005
  • An Aftershave lotion to leave your post-shave face soothed and calmed
  • Scented with Jermyn St
  • Made in England

The Jermyn St. Collection is designed by Taylor of Old Bond Street specifically for men with serious sensitivity challenges. You won't find any alcohol in this product, which means that it is much gentler than most aftershaves. You still get that great feeling when you put it on, and you can feel it toning your skin, but you really don't have to worry about drying out or having other issues that are very common problems for many men out there.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn St. Collection Aftershave Lotion contains 100ml of product, which is plenty to keep you going for a long time. If you are having serious issues with breaking out in rashes, nicks, bumps, scratches, and other problems, the first place you should look is your razor blade. You should also consider using some sort of a pretreatment before you actually start grooming, as it can prepare sensitive flesh and ensure that you don't lose a great deal of moisture, which can cause many of the common problems that guys deal with. This manufacturer makes many fine products; this one is possessed of a sophisticated fragrance and an incredibly refreshing finish that will keep you coming back for more.

Size: 3.5oz/100ml

Made in England.

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simply outstanding

Another winner from TOBS. I used this for the first time today and I think this is easily one of my favorites. Like all TOBS products, the performance is great: great aftershave feel great scent and great longevity fairly priced i honestly was surprised how strong it went on and how long it lingered. I prefer this, so that is a huge plus for me. I mostly surprised since it isn't alcohol based so I guess I assumed it be like a lot of balms I've used where it fades relatively quickly. Ironically, I had more of a sting from this than my alcohol based TOBS. That's fine with me, but a fair warning if you don't want a sting after you shave, although that may just be my experience with it. The only con for me is the atomizer. I don't like that and prefer the ole pour through a flow restrictor experience. I may cut the atomizer out and place a makeshift flow restrictor. But, that's just preference and it doesn't take away from the quality of this product. 5 stars hands down.


Great scent long lasting

I bought this aftershave to compliment the jermyn shave cream I bought. It matches the shave cream scent perfectly but the scent is a bit strong and dosent wear off for 3-4 hours in my experience. Good thing I love the scent! also the atomizer does have trouble misting the product but I just spray it onto my fingers and spread onto my face accordingly. All things considered I like this aftershave but I think you should make sure you like this scent before you buy such a long lasting aftershave.


Not a "lotion"!

This is listed as a "lotion"...however, not true. It is a traditional after shave "splash" that has a pump spray top. I love the Jermyn Street Collection and purchased this only to be disappointed that it was not a creamy lotion. No where on the bottle does it say "lotion". Feels a bit greasy and not moisturizing at all. Think I'll try the cream instead.....


Just Like the Jermyn Street Shaving Cream, This Stuff Is Great!

Unfortunately, I had to try two scents of the Taylor of Old Bond Street line before I discovered the wonderful scent of the Jermyn Street collection. I own the shaving cream and this aftershave. I found the Sandalwood scent to smell like an old man and the Eton College to smell like old avon perfume and hairspray. Jermyn Street is hands down my favorite. There is no cooling property in this aftershave. It feels warm when applied to the face. The atomizer pump more than likely will not work well for you. This is been mentioned in several other reviews and I am experiencing it also. Who cares?! Spray some in your hands and apply onto face. I also recommend using this in conjunction with the Jermyn Street shave cream. I'm not all that good at explaining a scent, but I'll give a few words and hopefully they'll help you if you need to decide to spend the money to get this stuff (I would've read enough of my that "buy now" button) -Fresh, not going to smell like an old man or old woman as some TOBS scents do, amber, vanilla, spice, classy.

Mr. Fawson

Scent of a gentleman.

First. I love the Jermyn street collection scent. It is subtle, soft, masculine and is what I would consider the scent of a gentleman (if you like musky scents like the stuff boys wear, then this is not your scent). The scent lasts really well, and I can still smell it several hours after application. The spray mechanism works great for me. It works great as an aftershave, with a little burn (nothing compared to aftershaves with alcohol), it nourishes my skin and leaves me feeling moisturized, but not oily at all.