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    • A pre-shave to prep your face for a close shave
    • Herbal scented to awaken your senses
    • Made in England

    Everyone knows about the benefits of aftershave, but what about products that are used before you even pull the razor out? This Taylor of Bond Street Pre-Shave Herbal Gel is designed to help make your grooming experience more productive and less traumatic for your face. It goes on before you use any other products and really makes a difference. Men who have very thick whiskers that are tough to cut, in particular, will appreciate what this does for them.

    Any type of skin will benefit from this. What it does is provides a bit more lubrication, allowing the blade to glide over the skin without pulling, nicking, or cutting into it. It comes in a 30ml container, and that's a lot of product to go around. It doesn't take much to get the desired effect. It's made in England, and the name on the jar means quality, so you don't have to be concerned that this is a cheap product like you might find in a general store. This is very well-made. Remember that low-quality tools will also cause trouble. Get a real razor so you know you're treating your face right and it will make all the difference.

    Size: 30ml / 1.06 fl oz

    Made in England.

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